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Saturday Rides:  7:30 AM 
Start location shown in map at right.  If you are new, please arrive 15 min early and introduce yourself so we can get you situated with the right group.

"A" Group - pace is 23+ MPH, about 40 miles. Slower riders may be dropped (but picked up by B Group).
"B" Group - pace 19-22.0 MPH, about 40 miles.  No drops.
"C" Group - pace 15-18.0 MPH, about 35 miles.  No drops.
"D" Group - pace 10-15 MPH, start location and distances vary.  Check calendar.

Sunday Rides:  8:00 AM 

Greater distances with more varied routes and terrain.

"B" Group Pace (no riders dropped)
50 - 70 miles with 1 - 2 breaks. 
Generally ridden at a 20-22 mph pace

"C" Group Pace (no riders dropped)
45 - 55 miles with a break for refreshments. 
Generally ridden at a 17-19 mph pace

The rides below are listed in the rotating order in which they occur. 
Click a ride for details.
Click this button for a full year printable schedule.
2020 Ride Schedule

Weekday Rides 8:00AM

Monday Recovery Ride
36 miles
(El Dorado Park to PTF)

Tue,Wed,Thurs Bridge Rides
33 miles
(Bridge to PTF)

Wed Glendora Mountain Road Climb

Friday Pirate Ride (A/B Pace)
36 miles
(El Dorado Park to PTF)