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Once you click the Join Now button you will be taken to 8 pages to fill out.


  1. Choose your Membership Type.
    1. RiIDING MEMBER - you can add a riding family member for half price as a secondary member, and non-riding family members as Tertiary members.
    2. VISITOR - Free 30 day trial/visitor membership with partial access to member web site.
    3. TOLB Trainee - Free March-June membership with partial access to member web site.
    4. ALUMNI MEMBER - Were you a member of LV in the past and just want to keep tabs on your friends?
    5. RIDING SPONSOR - If you are already a sponsor and want to ride with us, create this FREE membership.
  2. Terms of Use and Privacy (for ClubExpress web site)
    1. Agree
    2. Agree with no emails
    3. Disagree (you can not become a member)
  3. Member Sign Up
    1. Add all your information in required fields.
    2. If you don’t want to enter a Home Phone, put your mobile number in both the Home and Mobile fields.
    3. If you will be riding with us you must fill in the Emergency Contact Info at the bottom.
    4. If you enter your work info it will be added to our Business Directory.
    5. You can edit this information later.
  4. Select Interests you would like to be added to.  
    1. Members can find other members with similar interests.
    2. Emails, Chats, or Forums are available for the different interest groups.
    3. You can edit these later.
  5. Username/Password
    1. Create your Username
    2. Create your password
    3. Confirm your password
  6. Lightning Velo Insurance Waiver
    1. Click Agree 
    2. Your date and time of agreement will be recorded.
    3. You will be sent a copy in your confirmation email. 
  7. Review your information
    1. Click “Finish and Proceed to Payment
  8. Pay
    1. Pay on line with Credit Card or PayPal
    2. Or, print invoice to pay by cash or check
    3. If you don’t pay on-line you will receive a Pending Member email.


Next, go to your mobile phone app store and download the free Lightning Velo app.