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CBR Criterium Series
All on-road races are cancelled at this time due to COVID-19.  On-line racing is available.

Eldo Racing Facebook Page

Many Lightning Velo members participate in the following races.  

Each LV Racer is offered a reimursement for one race fee per month.  
This is to encourage Club Racing which is one of the founding goals for LightningVelo. 

Race Fee Reimbursement Page

 El Dorado Park Criteriums and Time Trials,
locally known as "Eldo" (el-doe)

Eldo Criterium and TT course consists of a closed to traffic 1.75 mile loop around El Dorado Park Area 3 and is held Tuesday evenings during the spring and summer.

Eldo Crits are mass start races arranged by categories (Juniors, Cat 4/5, Masters, Pro/1/2/3).
Racers are identified as Category 5 (entry level)
Cat 4, Cat 3, Cat 2, Cat 1, Pro, Masters 40+, and Juniors (under 18).
Sorry, no separate Womens' categories.

3 sets of 8 week series.
Each race is 30 minutes for Juniors, 40 minutes for Cat 4/5, and 60 minutes each for Maters and Pro/1/2/3. Cat 4/5, Masters and Pro/1/2/3 races run simultaneously, but separated on the course. Awards are presented to the top finishers at the end of each 8-race series.

Eldo Time Trials
6 races per series.
Racers are lined up slowest to fastest.
Each rider starts individually, in 30 second intervals.
On the sixth lap each racer rides through the finish cones to stop the clock. 
Juniors race for 3 laps only.
This is a solo effort.  Drafting is not allowed.
This is an especially good race for beginners.  You don't jockey for position with other riders.  You get your own time that you can try to beat in future races.  You can compete for your personal best or against a friend's time.
Awards are presented to the top finishers at the end of the 6-race series.

Piru Time Trials

The Piru Time Trials are among the longest running time trial series in Southern California. The 20 Kilometer (12.4 miles) distance is held (usually) the first Sunday of each month, with the 40 Kilometer (24.8 miles) distance held six times per year.
This is a low-key, friendly competition where racers compete in categories suited to their abilities. Everyone from seasoned pros to first-time newbies, juniors to masters, challenged athletes, public (non- licensed) are invited to test their fitness against the clock. There are categories for recumbents and exotic or vintage bikes. There are categories exclusively for women racers.
The course is a curvy and rolling 10k out and 10k back on a lightly traveled rural road with more downhill on the way out, and therefore more uphill on the way back. Riders are started individually in 30-second increments.
Medals for winners and ribbons for 2nd through 5th places are awarded after each race.

For more info...
Uncle Tren's Race Productions on Facebook

CBR Criterium Series

For more info...
CBR Criterium Series

Ontario Criterium Series

Statewide Senior Games

(Odd year results qualify racers for National Senior Games)
(Even year results are strictly for state competitions)

State Senior Games are held 2 days in June
Tuesday (Short Time Trial & Long Road Race)
Wednesday (Long Time Trial & Short Raod Race)

National Senior Games

(Only held in Odd years in defferent locations.)

National Senior Games

Southern California Time Trial Series